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There is a saying, “Plumbers protect the health of the nation.” At VanDiermen and Sons Heating and Air Conditioning, we believe HVAC companies also play a part in this role! Readily available hot water has drastically improved personal hygiene and household/office cleaning. This becomes most evident, of course, in the event that we find ourselves without it! When hot water tanks require service or replacement, we are your local experts in determining the best solution for you and your home or office.

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Service & Maintenance

The lifespan of any appliance or hot water heating unit is significantly improved with proper care and maintenance. We service and repair gas hot water tanks, electric hot water tanks, and boiler systems. We also specialize in both residential and commercial applications.


In many instances, hot water tanks can be repaired. This alleviates the expense of a new water heater and also prevents unnecessary additions to our landfills. Our technician are highly skilled at recognizing when repair is a better option for you over replacement.

Replacement & Installation

If a repair is not possible or in your best interest, one of our technicians will be happy to walk you through the process of choosing a water heater that will best suit your home or office needs and requirements. With new high efficiency technology, the energy cost savings of a new hot water tank will often pay for itself within a few years from purchase. Also, our technicians are educated and informed of any current government or manufacturer rebate programs available to consumers. They will help ensure you are able to take advantage of as many of these offers you can.


What you can expect from our technicians

  • An existing relationship with most major brands and manufacturers.
  • Service provided to all makes and models. 
  • Scheduled appointment times
  • Workmanship and parts guaranteed
  • Tidy, Polite, Friendly, and Knowledgeable


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